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Somme Institute Delivers on a Key Brand Promise

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We often say that although few others find it sexy, there's something inherently attractive about order fulfillment for the team at Capacity.

It might not be a glamorous industry that grabs the headlines but satisfying demand for great products is enough to keep us passionate about coming to work every day.

somme institute product line

Perhaps that's because we do get to see the glitz and glamor or luxury products, by working with brands like Somme Institute. 

Like us, Somme Institute understands the meaning of "delivering the goods."

In fact, the company was founded on the simple assertion that "skincare companies should deliver the claims that they promise."

Whether it's making a product that meets/exceeds consumer expectations or getting that product into their hands accurately and on time, the end result is the same: a happy customer who will order again.

A product line rooted in customer satisfaction sets the bar high.

We believe that clients choose our team because we demonstrate a passion for their business and respect for the products they ship. Everyone at Capacity understands that brand reputation is built on exceptional order fulfillment. We take that responsibility seriously because clients like Somme Institute put their brand in our hands, literally!

It's a challenge that we're happy to clear each and every day.

Products That Deliver the Goods

As if to underline the results-oriented attitude of Somme Institute, the company recently received some highly sought-after press coverage from Harper's Bazaar.

(For those of you not as involved with the world of luxury goods and quality cosmetics, let's just say that praise from Harper's is about as good as it gets!)

The review covers the science behind Somme's patented Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5™). That might seem unusual for a brand that sells in the softer world of beauty products, but it's the science that drives results here.

Encouragingly, academics have also weighed in with praise for the approach that Somme Institute takes to keeping skin safe and healthy.

Somme Institute MDT5 Quote

When all is said and done, it's easy to make sky-high promises. How many companies actually get them off the ground, though? How many take the action required to come through on their claims? It's that difference that separates the excellent brands from the merely acceptable.

We're proud to work with companies like Somme Institute and look forward to the continued growth of a brand that truly delivers the goods!