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Rapid Fulfillment: Can Your Brand Exceed Customer Expectations?

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As we head into a new decade with digital brands and eCommerce driving the most growth in retail, rapid fulfillment is on everyone's lips once again.

What began as a drive to improve delivery times for online orders to around two days has quickly developed into the expectation of instant order confirmation, real-time status or shipment tracking, and delivery as soon as the next day -- or sometimes even the next few hours.

Accelerated order processing and rapid fulfillment are the new normal.

While not all customers expect such immediacy, without these qualities your brand reputation will suffer.  It's a topic we're passionate about and were happy to hear that our technology partner  DiCentral wanted to address it. Rapid Fulfillment Webinar DiCentral

Join us on Thursday June 27th, 2019 to discuss the requirements of rapid fulfillment with DiCentral. 

Capacity CSO Thom Campbell will be on hand to talk about changing expectations around order fulfillment, where faster fulfillment fits into the picture, and how to improve delivery times to meet and exceed these new standards that consumers have set. 

Reserve your place today - register here: http://bit.ly/2XHLGib -  and we look forward to accelerating your order fulfillment!

As a quick primer, here's a brief overview of what's on the agenda:

"As customer demands mount, those producing, storing, transporting, and selling goods must be ready to optimize their supply chains to meet these expectations. But how exactly? 

In this webinar, guest speaker Thom Campbell will outline several strategies for rapid fulfillment that will deliver your brand's promise to customers. 

Rather than investing in trends in reaction to your competitors,  we'll show you how to accumulate long-term competitive advantages by making three smart improvements to your supply chain."

Learn more about DiCentral's cloud-based EDI solutions and ERP integration here: https://www.dicentral.com/