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Our 5 Most Popular Supply Chain Articles of 2015

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As another year draws to a close, we always like to review the many posts we've written on order fulfillment, logistics news and supply chain analysis. It gives us a chance to find out which were most widely read - or received the most positive feedback - and share the best articles with you once again in a single place.

After running the numbers and reading the feedback, the posts below bubbled up as the best of the bunch. Let us know which you liked (and what you'd like to see more of in 2016.

Happy New Year!

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Top 5 Supply Chain Articles of 2015

  1. Five Fundamentals of Order Fulfillment (Read More): A spinoff of our extremely popular webinar on the key aspects of order fulfillment, this series was  our most popular piece of content of the past twelve months.
  2. Supply Chain Lessons from Target Closing in Canada (Read More): Big name brands always attract attention, especially when they fail to live up to our expectations. That was especially true of Target's major retail failure in Canada, where the frustrations felt by customers offered important insights for supply chain managers everywhere.
  3. 8 Ways to Drive Continuous Improvement (Read More): Kaizen-Genba is not a new concept, but the motivation to better ourselves and improve operations remains evergreen. This was demonstrated with our deep dive onto continuous improvement, which was only published in October but ranks as our third most popular supply chain article of the year.
  4. 10 Supply Chain Trends to Watch for in 2016 (Read More): Another late arrival that ranked well, it's natural that as we look to a New Year, we attempt to predict the changes that will impact our industry. From Amazon's expansion into 3PL to more flexible fulfillment channels, this article holds a lot of value for any brand trying to get ahead of the curve in 2016.
  5. Disruption and Delay During Winter Storm Octavia (Read More): They say even when there's nothing else to talk about, you can always converse about the weather. That was certainly true in the tri-state area earlier this year - and indeed around the country - when winter storms sent delivery schedules spiraling out of control. We reported on the updates from UPS and FedEx as they happened, as well as rolling up our sleeves and helping others dig out so that the cargo continued to flow. With the crazy weather patterns we're seeing during December, expect more meteorological updates here as we enter 2016!

We hope that you enjoyed our supply chain articles in 2015 and look forward to bringing you more insight and analysis in the next twelve months.

From all of the team at Capacity, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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