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Mother of Makeup Pat McGrath Expands Into Europe

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We take great pride when our clients reach the next level of success. There are certain events that serve as milestones in this journey, as in the case of Pat McGrath Labs and the expansion of this cosmetics icon into the European market. 

To casual observers, this could look like just another makeup launch. For McGrath, it represents a significant step back into a region that defined her passion.

pat mcgrath labs cosmetics

Pat McGrath's rise to the top is actually the realization of a lifelong obsession. From an early age, she was fascinated by makeup and how to create the kind of look that would work for her.  Appropriately enough for someone now crowned the "mother of makeup" by so many in the cosmetics field, it was her mom who stoked that early interest and helped to create the star idolized by fans today.

Mother of Makeup (And Marketing)

After finding very little support for her skin tone in the British cosmetics sector growing up, Pat McGrath and her mother took it upon themselves to learn what worked and what didn't. This pursuit gave them not just a common goal but an intimate understanding of why makeup matters so much to people.

McGrath's obsession is communicated around the world thanks to social media. Her enthusiastic embrace of platforms like Instagram and Twitter has proved to be the bedrock of McGrath's success. Well, that and her encyclopedic knowledge of cosmetics, but several million followers on these networks has certainly helped things along! Launching Gold 001 - her debut product - in this way ensured it was an instant hit that sold out in just minutes.

She is also open to competition and positively encouraging to fresh talent. By sharing their work and offering collaborations, McGrath provides for others the same opportunities that helped her make it to the top.

Indeed, presenting her latest collection over the summer happened thanks to a collaboration with Net-a-Porter. The company, which is based in London, took up the option to become the first retailer to sell the full Pat McGrath Labs range outside the United States.

As Gold 004 makes its way onto the market, Pat McGrath will inevitably reflect on her return to the market that once underserved her. A lot has changed in the world of cosmetics since then. From vastly expanded product ranges to globalization and greater diversity in the industry, it's far easier to find a makeup solution that works for almost any style.

She had a hand in driving many of those changes and happily, for fans and followers of Pat McGrath Labs, she shows no signs of letting up anytime soon!