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Pat McGrath Leads the Pack in Beauty Product Promotion

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You might know them better by the brand line Skin Fetish, but there's no doubt that if you understand anything about cosmetics and beauty product promotion, you know all about an iconic name among our clients, Pat McGrath.

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A major influence in the world of cosmetics, the award-winning British make-up artist behind the brand is now focused on bringing her industry insights to a wider audience.

Iconic fashion magazine Women's Wear Daily (WWD) reports this week on the phenomenal buzz behind the brand, fueled in no small measure by its social media team. 

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003 Social Media

From a fulfillment standpoint, we see firsthand the results of the Pat McGrath team's marketing efforts -- even after decades in the business, it's quite something to behold!

Since its launch late last month, the Skin Fetish line has flown out of the digital doors so quickly that the company's site temporarily buckled under the weight of all those orders. It was quickly back up, of course, but the immediate demand told the creators all they needed to know about how popular their product would be.

Celebrity collaborations with Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have helped the brand's reputation to fly higher still.

Through the use of glossy endorsements on Instagram and Twitter, Pat McGrath has created an additional online buzz that has taken the brand's beauty product promotion (and most importantly its orders) to the next level. Limited availability only serves to increase demand, as we see every time Apple releases a new product, and that same effect has taken hold for the Skin Fetish line.

The phenomenon is a testament to what you can do with a great product and some targeted real-time promotion. The digital world connects us all more than ever before.

The best brands are aware that success depends on a strong online presence and the ability to get the product in front of customers, first digitally, then physically!

Learn more about Pat McGrath products here. You can also connect with the company on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.