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International Women’s Day: Inspire AWE

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Happy International Women's Day!

While we hope you've already been inundated by a flurry of articles and posts celebrating inspiring women across diverse industries and disciplines, Capacity would like to another organization that is close to our heart: AWE.

AWE - Advancing Women Executives

AWE's mission is to create equity and economic growth in the workplace by fostering greater diversity, particularly at the executive level.

Using a thoughtfully curated mix of interactive training initiatives, targeted coaching, and high-profile networking events, the Los Angeles-based organization has helped to reinvigorate the careers of thousands of women in Fortune 500 companies and trained tens of thousands more in crucial skills that enhance their prospects of promotion.

For our part, Capacity is a proud sponsor of the NYC edition of AWE's Accelerator Program, which is a course designed to improve the executive profile of talented women in middle management roles.

The program helps attendees better define their career path within the company, state their aspirations more clearly, and generally accelerate their progress towards senior executive roles.

But don't take our word for it! Here's just some of the feedback received by AWE after the event we sponsored last year:

"This program is extremely empowering. My highlight was having the opportunity to learn how to use my voice and be specific about what I want."

"I feel more prepared to speak to my current work, recognize my accomplishments and sell myself for future work/advancements."

"The only thing I ask for is more of this! I am sad that these two sessions have come to a close - I think that excelling in these areas will require ongoing practice, feedback, and accountability."

We echo these sentiments and certainly look forward to working with the exceptional women at AWE again to enhance the careers of Capacity's many talented female leaders.

How does your company promote diversity in the workplace?

Let us know via a comment on Facebook or Linkedin and you can read more about our approach to the topic here.