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A Local Reminder on Insurance and Preparedness

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We had a close call here recently in New Jersey, as a facility next to us on Corporate Road in North Brunswick was hit by a fire. It's always scary to see that much smoke up close and personal, and seriously disheartening to note the damage done as crucial company equipment goes up in flames. Thankfully, no-one was hurt in the incident and, with the proper insurance, property can always be replaced. Fire in New Brunswick facility With that in mind, this is a reminder to us all that preparedness is the cornerstone of everything we do. From taking out insurance to having a back-up plan for those tough times when an emergency situation arises, thinking ahead to all of the possibilities, though never easy, is an absolute necessity. In many ways it's the core of what we do: establishing a standard system of warehouse operations and distribution, while always having one eye on what could go wrong and the solutions we can bring to the table if the worst occurs. Take a moment to reflect on your business preparedness. Whether it's being insured against acts of God or having a fall back plan for your everyday operations, are those plans widely understood in your organization? When it comes to the crunch, do you have confidence that your business and your people are prepared to deal with anything that's thrown their way? Once again, best wishes to our neighbors for a full and speedy recovery to routine operations.