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Inspired by HUVr, 10 Movie Technologies Still Awaiting Delivery

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Movies are great at promising a lot, but tend to deliver much less.

The fun (and fictitious) folks at HUVr Tech know this and have been playing on our Back to the Future-inspired dreams this week with a promotional video (see below) proposing that hoverboards are finally here.

Unfortunately, even with the backing of Doc Brown himself, this is a technology that's still awaiting delivery. Rumored to be a fake cooked up by a comedy website, we still want to believe that some of the technologies that the movies promise will be delivered in the near future.


10 Movie Technologies Still Awaiting Delivery

With that hope still burning bright, here's our HUVr inspired list of 10 technologies we'd love to see delivered soon:

1. Holo-messaging

Everyone in Star Wars, Star Trek, and any other Star something can project a 3D holographic version of themselves to communicate important info ("Be home late"/"Pick up milk"). Why are we still stuck with Skype?!

2. Jet Packs

Really, we'd forgive HUVr hoverboard fail if jet packs became a reality. Zipping around the Capacity warehouse would never be the same again.

Not quite what we had in mind... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Service Robots

Any sci-fi film worth its salt has an android or six, but it seems the reality of robotics is still stuck in making machines dance. Is no-one working on a droid that does dinner?

4. X-Ray Specs

Despite the promise of almost every comic book ever, the only association we have with x-rays are troublesome trips to the hospital.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Okay, so a computer competed on Jeopardy! and cars can almost drive themselves... we still think there's some way to go before a computer can calculate the real meaning of life, the universe and everything.

6. Food Replicators

In the absence of those robotic cooks, what about the replicators that we always see making gourmet dishes on Star Trek? Actually, a quick look back to CES 2014 and 3D printing shows just how close this one might be.

7. Dinosaurs

From the past, yes, but Jurassic Park promised to regenerate them with advanced DNA techniques. That movie recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary, yet our theme parks remain frustratingly T-Rex free. Come on, what could possibly go wrong?

Alexis Dworsky with a model of a Dinosaur (Deinonychus) from Jurassic Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


8. Cloaking

Sure, the Predator guy took things a bit too far (a lot too far), but the idea would still make for better games of hide and seek.

9. Moon colonies

We'd happily arrange deliveries to a moon base, but no-one seems to be willing to go back. Perhaps that's where they're keeping the dinosaurs?

Moon (Photo credit: shahbasharat)

10. A time traveling DeLorean

Fair enough, this is Back to the Future again and perhaps a little ambitious. Besides, we don't need time travel to keep our deliveries on schedule, just good old-fashioned elbow grease!

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