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Huda Beauty Emphasizes Customization for Cosmetics

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Huda Kattan is an iconic name in the beauty sector. The cosmetics blogger has successfully grown her reviews into a real-world business, Huda Beauty, and is showing the same ambition as she redefines how customers select makeup products.

Kattan offers a hint of this in her recent review of Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty powder kit. Among the many expert insights about the product itself, she hits on an important aspect of cosmetics fulfillment: customization.

"I would love if she made refillable pods so we could customize with colors we want. I'd make two kits and take my favorites from each palette," says Kattan around the six-minute mark of the video above.

It's an approach that Kattan can also apply to her own product line at Huda Beauty. From the eyeshadow and highlighter palettes to a wide variety of lash collections, the company's selection is expanding rapidly.

The Huda brand is rooted in digital connections. As outlined in a New York Times interview earlier this year, Kattan has used key platforms like YouTube and Instagram to demonstrate her expertise and develop a loyal fan base. Between her blog, vlogging, and social media visuals, she has accumulated many millions of followers who respect and value her opinions on beauty products.

Huda Beauty online store

Unsurprisingly, that respect extended to buying her personal line of products when Huda Beauty came online. For example, how many brands can say that their product has received an obituary when they're discontinued?!
However, even with e-commerce success, a beauty brand can only come so far before availability in stores becomes necessary to compete. Shelf space came in the form of Sephora, who have been pleasantly surprised by the runaway success of Huda products such as lip liners.

The most recent product launch in April extended across more than 125 stores and branded counters in JC Penney. That's a highly visible - not to mention valuable - presence for a relatively new name to the market. It is a testament to Huda Beauty's loyal following and instant appeal that these items sell out so quickly.

In the long-term, Huda Kattan's vision and passion will continue to be the basis for the brand's success. Customization is one aspect of the owner's commitment to customer choice and products that they can use to create multiple styles.

By giving fans what they want - because it's something that she herself would want as a customer - Kattan ensures that Huda Beauty is the kind of ambitious startup that can stand proudly next to established names like the Kardashians.