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Emily Weiss Shakes Up the Beauty Sector Again with Glossier Play

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Even by Glossier's high standards, the beauty world was abuzz with headlines earlier this month as the company built up excitement about its new range, Glossier Play.

Ambiguous visuals and videos across social media...

New account on Instagram...

Beauty influencers and media outlets frantically speculating about the nature of this new line...

One tweet perfectly summed up the sentiment towards this inimitable brand and its impending release: "JUST TELL ME WHAT THIS IS & TAKE MY MONEY!"

Introducing: Glossier Play

As much fun as the rampant industry analysis and fan speculation turned out to be, we most enjoyed hearing the vision for this product line direct from those behind it. In a recent interview with Allure, founder Emily Weiss revealed the inspiration driving Glossier Play.

In this intriguing exchange, Weiss describes the new line as "going-out makeup... dialed-up extras, fun, joy, color." Echoing the name suffix and how Glossier expects fans to embrace the range, she adds "really,
it's tools for play."

Emily Weiss at Capacity
Glossier founder Emily Weiss tours our fulfillment campus with Capacity CEO Jeff Kaiden

While it's too early to quantify exactly how well Glossier Play will be received in terms of sales, the brand as a whole can put a very specific number on its success to date.

The company announced this week that it passed a significant milestone and is now valued at $1.2 billion. The new product line and increased investment this year show that Glossier continues to go from strength to strength.

In closing the aforementioned interview, Weiss hits upon perhaps the core principle underpinning her brand's success: a direct relationship with fans.

"Everything is possible because of our ability to listen to our customers and know who they are." 

Rather than dictating what skin should look like, Glossier adopts a listen and advise approach. This shows respect for its customers and sends a message that they are the ones who know their body best. Glossier's role is simply to provide the tools its fans can use to enhance their natural beauty.

Glossier Play offers a new way to achieve this and is born out of listening to millions of everyday beauty fans, which is why the line is such a runaway success, even before its launch.