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Glossier Beauty Product Fulfillment Launches

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Marking another high-velocity brand in the beauty product fulfillment category, Capacity is excited to announce the launch of its newest client, the fast-growing beauty brand Glossier.

Capacity is thrilled to bring fans of Glossier beauty products the kind of order experience they expect and deserve, while providing the brand with benefits from its bespoke order presentation and the latest pick-to-light/put-to-light fulfillment solutions.

Watch the video below to see how the Capacity team gets premium beauty products to the customers who love them.

Beauty Product Fulfillment Partners

One of the things that first attracted Glossier to the Capacity brand was its in-house engineering and IT teams. The fulfillment solution Capacity customized for Glossier utilizes dedicated satellite packing stations, shipping terminals, and multiple quality control terminals, all of which operate seamlessly under the watchful eyes of its engineering team.

"We're excited to partner with someone we believe can grow with us as we scale our business and is committed to continuous process improvement, just as we are at Glossier," said Sarah Hague, Executive Director of Logistics and Planning at Glossier.

“Outstanding presentation and customer experience can empower a brand.”

Sarah Hague, Glossier

Throughout launch week, the Capacity team had the brand's beauty products ready to move at 7 a.m. and successfully shipped all orders scheduled to go out that week. This successful first week clearly demonstrated how well Capacity is positioned to handle the heavy order volume in the months ahead with its latest high-profile client, allowing the Glossier team to focus on core activities like product innovation and customer engagement.

Capacity's mission is to delight customers every time they receive their carefully prepared and presented orders. It is this commitment to customer experience that aligns Glossier and Capacity.

"Our two companies are a great match," says Thom Campbell, CSO and co-founder of Capacity. "Both teams understand how outstanding presentation and customer experience can empower a brand. We will work nonstop to deliver the experience that Glossier fans expect and deserve."