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Fekkai Brings Clean Beauty to the Beach with the Ocean Cleanup Project

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Plenty of beauty brands talk the sustainability talk, but it's those who walk the walk that retain customers who were attracted to the company because of its environmental values in the first place.

Our client Fekkai is one such brand, as their activity this past weekend exemplifies.


Clean beauty means more to Fekkai than what they sell, although of course their range of carefully-crafted hair care products embodies the sustainability. 

Partnering with the Ocean Cleanup Project

Taking to the shores of Santa Monica, Fekkai not only set up a beach salon to deliver clean beauty to this idyllic location. The team also partnered with the Ocean Cleanup project to beautify the beach, picking up litter and other unwanted objects that detract from the area's natural state.

By combining advanced technology with grassroots, hands-on efforts like this, the project aims to clean up 90% of the plastic pollution in oceans around the world. This is clearly a huge undertaking, but one that is close to Fekkai's core values as a brand.

They 're also committed to beauty, of course, hence the accompanying salon. As we noted on their images from the effort, doing good never looked so good!

Fekkai Santa Monica Ocean Cleanup

As we move into a new decade, sustainable business practices also need to move beyond general intent and towards constant action.

Capacity is proud to work with brands like Fekkai and, by extension, great causes like the Ocean Cleanup Project  who not only talk about the clean beauty movement but also take that sentiment out into the world to make a positive change.