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Florida Airport Rocked By FedEx Plane Fire

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Preparing for a flight is stressful enough when everything is going right. So, imagine how you'd feel if a ball of flame erupts from an aircraft as you're casually strolling through a terminal.  That was exactly the experience for hundreds of travelers at Florida's Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport this past weekend, when a FedEx cargo plane caught fire after landing (video below). Thankfully, no-one was injured and the cargo onboard appears to be safe. The pilot and co-pilot escaped dramatically through the cockpit window via rope ladder and the explosion largely damaged the plane externally. The runway affected re-opened on Monday evening after the damaged plane had been investigated and removed from the scene. Even with the vast amounts of cargo moved via air freight, incidents like this are quite rare. We monitor the major headlines and industry analysis every day for events that could disrupt or delay shipments. More often than not we don't have to take action on behalf of our clients, but it's important to be up-to-speed with news that affects the supply chain. It helps us keep ahead of the curve and make contingency plans when things don't move as expected. As we saw with the West Coast port delays last year - and East Coast storm events every year! - we can't always count on plan A to work out. Having plans B and C ready to roll when that happens can mean the difference between disappointment and delight for your customer. On behalf of the team at Capacity, we wish the plane's crew well and extend our best wishes to anyone affected by the fire.