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F4SS Board Welcomes Capacity’s Thom Campbell and Annette Saenger

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Following an election, the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS) has announced new board members, one of whom is Capacity's CSO, Thom Campbell! Thom joins Annette Saenger, Business Development Manager for Pharma Cosmetics at SGS North America.

The pair join Chris Taylor, CEO and Founder of Crescent Corporation, who was re-elected for another term. The term for each representative is three years, during which they are tasked with driving the direction and success of F4SS.

F4SS Board Embraces New Members

F4SS is a non-profit organization representing the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector. Serving its members now for more than a decade, the organization works to further the interests of its constituents by promoting diversity between branded companies and their suppliers, food and non-food segmentation, and ensuring demographic representation.

Click here for the complete Board of Directors line-up and their roles.

Steve Weinstein, chair of the F4SS Board and Head of Supply Chain at Zarbee's Naturals, says the new appointments will help the organization better serve those who sign up for its upgraded membership options.

“The balance of expertise within the F4SS Board of Directors is a direct reflection of the F4SS member base,” said Weinstein, “seated to ensure the needs and issues faced by our members are appropriately represented. We look forward to the contributions our newest Board members will make.”

With trial membership plans and new tiers catering to SMBs, F4SS aims to attract and integrate more startups and independent brands in 2021. Combined with the organization's existing member base and experienced new board members, the potential for growth and expansion this year is substantial.

At a time when the future is uncertain and companies are trying to use strategic planning as a roadmap to emerge from pandemic-driven restrictions, the deep roots of organizations like F4SS can provide a reassuring anchor point. Access to the expertise of seasoned professionals and the dynamism of brands in adjacent sectors could be just the support a business needs to move beyond the current challenges and power on to a more ambitious footing as the year progresses.