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Delivering Fun at Toy Fair 2015

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One of the great joys of our industry is that we get to work with so many different types of products and brands, from the chic selection we see in health and beauty, to the intricate supply chains of apparel and the demanding development of technology brands.

When it comes to pure fun, however, it's the toy brands that are always guaranteed to deliver!

That's why we had no choice (poor, poor us) to head over to the 2015 Toy Fair at New York City's Javits Center earlier this week. Not only to visit clients who were displaying their latest and greatest items at the event, but for some vital industry research into key supply chain issues and logistics... okay, fine, we just really love to play with the toys... it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Toy Fair 2015: Snapshots from NYC

Here's a selection of shots taken by our lucky attendees:

 On our way to the Javits Center, the powerful presence of Barbie loomed large to greet us...

Barbie Princess Power

...and in to see the award-winning range of beautifully designed Playsam toys.

Playsam - client VICI

Anyone with cavalier kids will appreciate the combination of neon cool and safety of the Brightz light range. High vis. gear for the very young!

Skip-Hop at NYC Toy Fair 2015

Also high visibility, thanks to their iconic brand identity and widely distributed range of products that every new parent knows well, is NYC's own Skip Hop!

TEGU-Magnetic Building Blocks

We build supply chains, Tegu builds awesome magnetic block models... both are equally cool, right? Right?! Only one of us played the part at Toy Fair 2015, of course.

Wicked Cool Toys - girl scouts

And one of the best announcements we saved for last, with Wicked Cool Toys revealing a high-power brand partnership with the Girl Scouts. You can read more about that here (but just know that you can now make those famous cookies around the clock, in your own home!)

This captures just a small segment of Toy Fair 2015, but you can catch a lot more on the Instagram or Twitter feeds covering the event. (Just be prepared for a lot of cute little Groots...)

And if you're a growing toy brand and want to know more about mixing fun with order fulfillment, get in touch with us today!