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Deliver Delight: Our Order Fulfillment Mission

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NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J., May 27, 2021 -- Capacity LLC, trusted leader in modern order management and direct-to-consumer eCommerce fulfillment, is proud to share a new website and digital assets that define the company's identity at a pivotal moment.

Watch the video above or read the full release on Capacity's mission to 'Deliver Delight' here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/capacity-redefines-its-brand-identity-around-a-mission-to-deliver-delight-301300416.html

Deliver Delight with Every Order

At a time when more than ever before consumers are finding what they need online - and forming deeper relationships with retail brands as they do so – Capacity's mission has shifted.

While the same commitment to B2B retail excellence and best-in-class fulfillment technology remains, the increased focus on eCommerce has crystallized the company's primary goal as a true 3PL partner: deliver delight to the customers of the brands that Capacity serves.

Delighted Customer Opening Box - Fulfillment Solutions That Deliver

"Our team knows we need to deliver delight with every order we pick, pack, and ship."

Thom Campbell, Capacity Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Summarizing the importance of the company's new creative direction and digital identity, Capacity CSO Thom Campbell says:

"Capacity's deep roots in the fulfillment sector make us an experienced partner, but we understand that we also need to be as dynamic and agile as our brand partners. As an extension of their brands, Capacity has a mission to make the order experience feel frictionless and excite the end customer with every package we ship. Our team knows we need to deliver delight with every order we pick, pack, and ship."

As the world prepares to move from restrictions to recovery and growth, collaborative partnerships are more crucial than ever. With purpose-built new facilities, new locations, and veteran and fresh team members adding a concrete foundation from which to deliver that digital promise, Capacity is uniquely positioned to deliver delight, helping brands to scale their business and reinforce exceptional customer experiences through bespoke order fulfillment.

To tell us more about your business and discuss how to enhance your order experience, contact our fulfillment experts today.