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Holiday Horror Show For Failed Deliveries

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The holidays are a stressful time for everyone, but spare a thought for the poor delivery folks at UPS and Fed Ex. They go back to work this week following a number of missed Christmas delivery deadlines.

The over-burdened system saw failed deliveries impact retailers as large as Amazon, Kohl's, and 1-800-Flowers. All of these major names needed to offer refunds and apologies for failing to meet their order arrival guarantees.

The impact of failed deliveries is especially strong at this time of year, when consumers have stricter deadlines and a busy schedule. The report

Failed Deliveries Frustrate Christmas Shoppers

It all comes down to the old adage that even the best-laid plans can go wrong.

Preparedness is a given in our business, but at a time of year when orders spike and seasonal conditions tax even the most experienced carriers, it's natural to expect some disruption.

Nonetheless, the service troubles and failed deliveries of the major players are something that every organization can learn from.

Failed Christmas deliveries for UPS and FedEx
Failed deliveries mean even more when the holidays are in full swing.

Prepare for as many supply chain planning eventualities as you can foresee, but always build in some extra slack for the inevitable surprises that arise.