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A Brand Built on Fulfillment

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It should come as no surprise to those who know Capacity that fulfillment is at the heart of everything we do. It's a word that describes not just our job, but the feeling we want to inspire in every client and their customers. It's fair to say we see brands as being built on fulfillment.

Communicating what fulfillment is in supply chain terms isn't quite as easy. People outside our industry know all about warehouses, delivery trucks, and retail stores, of course, but the work that goes on behind the scenes isn't so obvious.

With two new initiatives, Capacity's marketing team aims to change that...

Built on Fulfillment

Watch the video above and you'll find the essentials of what we do. It squeezes a lot into less than two minutes, but that's about all the time most viewers have these days!

By their very nature, supply chains are extensive and complicated: manufacturers, retailers, shipping companies, government agencies, intermodal freight services, customs agents, freight forwarders, warehouse, and distribution specialists... you can't have that many moving parts spread around the world and not expect some complexity!

Aging industry identifiers like 3PL and logistics provider simply aren't good enough to cover what we can offer our clients. We're the last to touch their products before they head out to customers, which means what we do is as much about leaving a lasting impression as it is the last leg of delivery.

At Capacity, we say we focus on fulfillment. It's a word that neatly encapsulates every element of our business, from the physical work of moving products to the emotional aspect that comes from assisting brands who make their customers feel great.

Fine Tuning Fulfillment

Fulfillment means adding the finishing touches that make brands memorable and keep customers delighted. To capture that quality, we've chosen and trademarked the tagline “fulfillment delivered.®” This is another idea that focuses on brevity. These two simple words clearly communicate our ability to deliver diverse, flexible order fulfillment for a digital world.

Together, the video and tagline give everyone outside our industry an easy way to understand who we are and what we do. You'll never take that complexity out of the supply chain, but there are experts you can hire to help make sense of it all!

We welcome your thoughts on the video and encourage you to browse our services section if you're intrigued to learn more. To talk to an expert about delivering greater fulfillment for your customers, contact us today