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Plans to Scale in the UK and the EU?

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Capacity and Prolog Have Your Answer.

Today we are excited to officially announce our partnership with Prolog Fulfilment, a leading European fulfillment provider based in Nottingham, England. 

But this announcement isn’t about us. It’s not even about Prolog, really. 

It’s about brands looking for an efficient, effective way to scale in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

It’s a Whole Different Market

The United Kingdom is roughly the same size as Oregon. But while Oregon has a population of 4.24 million, nearly 67 million people call the UK home. That’s a ton of people in a relatively small space. 

This creates an entirely different set of consumer expectations when it comes to ecommerce delivery timelines. In the UK, the standard expectation is that if an order is placed by 4:00 p.m. – or even 8:00 p.m. in some cases – it will arrive the next day, within 24 hours. Worst case, 48 hours. 

By partnering with Prolog, we’re able to hold client inventory on-site, in the UK, and ultimately meet ecommerce delivery expectations amongst UK shoppers. Prolog’s innate understanding of the various UK carrier tiers plays a big part in that as well.

“Every brand knows that meeting the consumer’s delivery expectations plays a huge role in satisfaction and loyalty. Being able to tap into Prolog’s existing infrastructure and its deep knowledge of the UK is huge. When a UK customer places an order with a US-based brand, they’re no longer waiting 10, 12 days for it to arrive. It shows up exactly when they expect it to.”

Jeff Kaiden, CEO

Beyond UK shores, Prolog handles fulfillment the same, meeting customer expectations throughout Europe – population 680 million – in countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Holland. And they’re more than capable of handling order fulfillment to non-EU countries as well. 

Everything Capacity… Just in the UK

For Capacity customers, scaling up in the UK with Prolog requires nothing new. Everything’s on the same system. Contracts are the same. Account management is the same.

“We structured this partnership with seamlessness in mind. When a Capacity client wants to expand into the United Kingdom and the EU, all they have to do is say so. Everything else happens almost automatically with no new processes or systems to learn.”

James Coleman, Business Development Director

When Should Your Brand Take Advantage of the Capacity-Prolog Partnership?

If a US-based brand is shipping 50 or more orders per day to the UK and/or the EU, getting inventory in-country makes both financial and operational sense. Combined with an optimized consumer experience that meets UK and EU shopper standards, brands can expect that volume to rapidly scale.

“We’re filling containers with multiple Capacity brands so each individual brand doesn’t have to worry about doing it on their own or shouldering the entire cost.”

Jason Depietropaolo, Head of Partnerships
From left to right: Brittany Visin, Ryan Calvin, VP of Business Development at Prolog - James Coleman, CEO of Prolog Fulfilment - Neil Daniells, Nikil Prabhakar, Jason DePietropaolo, TJ Moriarty

Whether you're an existing Capacity client looking to expand your reach across the pond or a brand seeking a 3PL solution that can give you quick access to the UK and EU markets, the Capacity-Prolog partnership is ready to make it happen.