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A Quick Look at Why Bicoastal Order Fulfillment is Best

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With the severe congestion on the U.S. west coast, shippers are searching for alternative ways to get their cargo into the country. This is where bicoastal order fulfillment comes into its own.

container cranes at the port of long beach
Container Cranes at the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach

Even with several major ports available up the coast from Los Angeles and Long Beach, where much of the media coverage has been focused, the influence of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) is significant enough to slow all western intake to a crawl.

Nor are the port operators free from blame in the protracted negotiations, which have now entered their ninth month. But playing the blame game is the last thing on the mind of business owners.

All they want is a way to ensure that their cargo makes it into the warehouse and out to customers as soon as possible, which is tough to achieve when you have only one way in and that route is gridlocked. That's why eyes are turning east and alternatives being hastily arranged to rescue at least some of the business that could be lost due to indefinite delays in order fulfillment.

Of course it's easier to see than to say, so here's a map to help you visualize just how far a bicoastal fulfillment solution can take your orders, based on our locations in California and New Jersey:

Capacity LLC bicoastal order fulfillment map

Simply put, bicoastal fulfillment gives you the security of a back up when plan A unexpectedly stands for "Abort!"

The long lines of container ships at the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach is one such example to make you think twice about relying on just one coast for your inbound shipments.