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Capacity LLC's online client dashboard gives real-time tracking of order fulfillment, e-commerce and warehouse distribution. Access operational details through your phone or computer anywhere, 24/7/365…

Client Service

Capacity LLC exists only because of our clients’ willingness to partner with us to execute their critical supply chain service needs…

Our Culture

Operations and logistics are not for everyone: we take great professional pride in what we do and how we do it. We don’t enjoy the glamour of some of our clients’ high-end product lines, but we get a huge kick out of helping them get to market…


Capacity LLC’s team has decades of experience in logistics, supply chain, warehousing, transportation and other critical aspects of our industry. We have shipped to every major retailer on behalf of our 100+ clients…


Capacity LLC maintains a high-quality, in-house team of over half a dozen systems engineers and network and database administrators. We host FTP (file transfer protocol) servers for all of our clients…

Pick, Pack & Ship Fulfillment

Capacity LLC utilizes RF (radio frequency) technology to track all inventory and to pick orders. Each item that comes into our facilities is barcoded with a tracking barcode we print and apply. It is then scanned every time product is received, put away, moved, or picked. Capacity LLC also helps to create unique custom packaging in collaboration with our clients. We understand the importance of a distinctive presentation that communicates the brand consistently and enhances customer experience. We have also cultivated a “green” approach since our inception over 10 years ago. Our default shipping materials are new recycled corrugated boxes, crumpled craft paper and post-consumer recycled plastic products (air bags, etc.).

E-commerce Fulfillment Services

Capacity LLC has been providing fulfillment for e-commerce clients for over a decade. Our first e-commerce client, NetGrocer.com, shipped dry groceries direct to consumers, with over 25,000 SKUs and significant packing challenges. We honed our packing technique putting Tide® and Doritos® in the same box and ensuring that the product arrived in pristine condition. We like to joke that we test dropped sample packages off of our 30+ foot high warehouse roof, but it’s true, we did. We offer our clients the ability to send an aliased email with tracking information the moment customers’ orders ship. We offer same-day fulfillment and don't add ‘rush’ charges for expediting urgent orders whenever possible.

Fulfillment Warehousing and Distribution

Capacity LLC serves numerous clients in all areas of b-to-b and b-to-c marketing, including HSN, QVC, catalogs, online retailers. We also provide literature fulfillment for numerous clients. Capacity LLC operates from three facilities in New Jersey and another state-of-the-art facility close to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, through our affiliate, TriCap International. Currently we have space totaling over half a million square feet. Capacity LLC ships to most of the largest distributors and retailers in America, as well as to many global distributors and retailer daily. Capacity LLC will ship your products to your retail partners on time and ensure that you avoid costly charge backs resulting from incorrect order processing.

EDI & Client Systems

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard of structured data transmission between major retailers and their vendors, our clients. From testing to implementation – we handle 100% of the process for our clients. We map and transmit files, create and apply custom UCC-128 barcode labels and comply with all of the retailer’s routing requirements. And we have the confidence in our systems, our years of experience, and the quality of our people to take complete responsibility for the work we perform.

Systems Integration

Capacity LLC's in-house systems engineers have integrated with over a hundred platforms, ranging from e-commerce platforms (Magento®, Volusion®, many others) to enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) like SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft Dynamics. Our systems export into desktop accounting applications like QuickBooks, so that double data entry is a thing of the past at Capacity LLC. Many of our platforms are proprietary, including our client-facing online tools, so customization is available and ongoing.


Capacity LLC and its affiliates have been selected by top retailers like American Eagle and Chicos, transloading thousands of containers annually. Our four facilities have been selected in part for their optimal locations near the three largest ports in North America: Long Beach/Los Angeles and Newark/New York. This means rapid and inexpensive drayage of containers from the port to our facilities and a quick turn for stripping boxes and reloading them onto road or rail trailers. We turn almost a hundred containers on a busy night, all tracked through technology which locates every container and trailer in our yard and every P.O. for our clients.

Transportation Logistics

The global marketplace increasingly requires new and complex logistics capabilities to sell into diverse markets. Capacity LLC is prepared to assist clients with all aspects of those challenges, ranging from freight forwarding via air or ocean, customs brokerage and intermodal transportation. We are a known shipper of record and have several IATA certified managers on staff, able to ship a wide variety of commodities worldwide. Whether it’s to Alberta or Australia, we can help to deliver your goods to your customers. Additionally, we enjoy partnerships with clients from the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and beyond, and are prepared to help with all of the logistics of importing and distributing products into the United States.

Routing Guide Compliance

Retailers have numerous requirements for their vendors, Capacity LLC’s clients. These can be as detailed as a full-blown EDI integration, with custom labeling and truck routing requirements, or just a written compliance document. These requirements have teeth in the form of chargebacks: deductions from a vendor’s invoices in the case of non-compliance. Capacity LLC's expertise and experience are built into our databases and proprietary applications, which capture details of the ‘rules of engagement’ with over 60 major retailers. Whatever your retailer/customer requires, we can comply on your behalf: ASNs, advance shipping notices; shipments to stores or DCs, distribution centers; and so much more.

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