Subscription Services

Subscription box fulfillment: Making an impact

From being the first fulfillment provider for birchbox to handling subscription boxes through proprietary SOPs

Capacity was the first subscription box fulfillment provider to work with Birchbox. We were selected following the move of the actual assembly of subscription boxes out of their compact NYC offices.

In year one we scaled with them from 5,000 boxes a month to over 125,000. Since then we have helped numerous brands execute on their own unique offerings, including literally thousands of niche box offerings. We have had many subscription box fulfillment case studies upon which to base our processes and offerings.

Our process and parameters

Capacity handles subscription boxes through proprietary SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), using cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Process) guidelines. We adhere to strict line clearance and setup procedures, utilize client-approved production samples, and everything is handled by our online portal and inventory management procedures.

  • Assigned SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Dedicated Assembly Team
  • Per Unit Costing
  • Optimized, Client-Selected Shipping Services
  • Stock and Ship Supplies Availability