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our objective is clear

deliver the best solutions for your fulfillment needs

We make getting your products into your customers’ hands easy

After all the concepting, developing, testing, manufacturing and marketing that you’ve done, you need your brand and your products to be in the hands of a trusted partner that can easily and flawlessly execute B2B and DTC fulfillment needs.

“Our new upgraded WMS is going to have a significant effect on our inventory control, cycle counting and overall speed of distribution. It’s just one of the benefits of working with Capacity. ”

Kevin Adams, COO Capacity


We have warehouses in California, Indiana, the UK and New Jersey, home to our corporate headquarters. We’ve also established a presence in India, with our new tech and talent hub, and have formed a strategic partnership with Mitsui and Mitsui Global Logistics in Japan.


What’s in the boxes?

We serve brands that range from beauty and health to mac ‘n cheese with a vast array of verticals in between. Our specialty is in high-touch products, those that require extra TLC when it comes to getting that special item to consumers via eCommerce or retail channels.

Capacity is ready to get your business moving

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