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The haircare market and consumer interest

Haircare fulfillment - a growing sector

Life is too short for boring hair

Haircare is more than just a look. For some, it’s a path to greater self-confidence and enhanced mental health. From eco-friendly shampoos and hair color products to unique formulations for curls and hair retention, exceptional brands are rising to meet the needs of a diverse market. For shampoo alone, the US market is projected to increase in value to $30B by 2023, with eCommerce driving a significant portion of that growth. Investing in a scalable haircare fulfillment solution for these products puts an experienced partner at your side and provides a foundation for success in this thriving sector.

Hair accessories

Hair color
Styling tools

HAIRtamin bottle
Hair brush

Clean and organic hair products are seeing a surge

Capacity has deep roots with prominent brands in this sector, providing haircare fulfillment for diverse clients over two decades. From traditional B2B retail clients to high-growth direct-to-consumer brands, our team is proud to play a role in the success of these companies and create solutions for the ever-growing eCommerce side of the sector.

Haircare fulfillment products: brushes, combs, clips, and scissors.

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