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There’s no substitute for that hot new item of apparel, or a new pair of kicks. The thrill of bringing that package into their home and taking the time to savor every aspect of unboxing provides all the motivation they need to keep coming back to your brand. Working with a trusted footwear and apparel fulfillment provider keeps that cycle flowing seamlessly. Rapid order processing, high quality packaging, and detailed order tracking and delivery all go to work behind-the-scenes to create a frictionless order experience that makes your brand the hero. Capacity clients benefit from bespoke solutions for apparel and footwear order fulfillment. Solutions that match their style and meet their promises, demonstrating the true value of a dedicated logistics partner.

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Capacity crafts purpose-built solutions, fine-tuned for your brand and leaving plenty of room for growth. From accommodating and tracking unique SKUs to adjusting racking for custom items and adding the final touch to your brand’s packaging, we have the team and technology to move footwear and apparel brands from hot new name to bona fide success story.

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