Coronavirus Updates

Covid-19 Updates



April 3, 2020

We hope you all remain safe and well.

Here is an update on our current efforts to keep our team and our families safe while we continue to operate at higher than average eCommerce volumes. The video below offers a glimpse into our NJ campus operations this week.

We saw massive order volumes in the first few days of the week, and are processing them with our intrepid team continuing to show impressive attendance. Throughput is solid, but slower than normal, given the additional labor required to maintain social distancing, enhanced cleaning and employee training. We are incurring significant additional costs for these activities and are considering a hourly incentive for our teammates on the front line.

We secured a small supply of masks yesterday. We handed them out across all facilities during a town hall meeting.  Our CEO Jeff Kaiden gave bilingual instruction in their proper use and maintenance based on information from medical professionals. We are also working on getting PPE to our front-line first responders in our local municipalities, and connecting larger shipments to regional hospitals. We are working with startups who can provide critical PPE.

If you know of any opportunities to aid in the fight, please reach out to us at and we will try to help.

On behalf of the entire team at Capacity, please keep safe and stay well.

March 26, 2020

Capacity CEO Jeff Kaiden has the following video update to share.

We've transcribed the key points below, along with some important links to the CDC's procedures and carrier updates.

Video Summary:

I want to personally update you on the current state of our operations.

Order Fulfillment
Since we ship personal care items and medical devices, all of Capacity's warehouses remain fully operational and we are shipping orders for all our clients at this time. Our staffing remains strong, attendance has been solid, and morale is good, especially given the circumstances. We are continuing our enhanced sanitizing procedures to ensure the health and safety of our teams and their families and enforcing social distancing for those of whom must work in our facilities and offices. Most of the office staff has been working remotely to minimize any possible spreading of germs, and to create more space between our people who must be on site. If someone is sick or, even showing symptoms, we are asking that they stay home.

Thankfully, we have not had any reported cases within our organization. In the event there are, we will be following the CDC's guidance strictly. We will share links to those procedures with you shortly.

Everyone's sentiments about the heroics of healthcare workers are shared by us. Capacity is actively working with clients and manufacturers to help provision them. If you have or know of any needs in that area please reach out to us at a dedicated email, , and we will do anything we can to assist.

Overall, we have seen an increase in direct-to-consumer shipments, and as you can imagine shipments to retailers has slowed considerably.

Inbound Shipments
We're processing inbound shipments as normal, we just ask that you stick to our scheduling protocols as always.

Currently, there are no service interruptions in shipping to most of the US. Some international services have suspensions, so check with your carriers regarding specific international destinations and services. If you are shipping to a business, you should confirm they are accepting inbound shipments and if there are any special hours or procedures. Although there are some delays for weather and the current situation, most destinations are being reached at this time.

Please find here links to the carriers' most recent updates:


From all of us here at Capacity and our 100+ teammates working from home, we wish all of your families the best.

Stay safe, chin up, hang tough, and we'll be talking with you again soon.

Jeff Kaiden, CEO

March 24, 2020

In keeping with our desire to stay connected and keep the lines of communication open despite the current challenges, we're pleased to share with you this promising update from our Vice President of Logistics, Tony Ruiz.

Tony took time out of his busy day to let us all know how the carriers have been performing (with a fitting cameo, given the topic, from his cat Porsche!)

Note: To learn more about Tony and other members of the team who appear in these updates, visit our Team page.

March 20, 2020

We wanted to share an update from Darren Lavelle, our VP of Client Services, and also try to provide some useful information of a lighter nature in these troubled times.

Recently some of us have had more time for intellectual pursuits, so we wanted to share some good ones we've caught wind of, instead of just another update on the current COVID 19 situation.

Darren has a child with a love for opera and reading. When asked what his 'cooped up, souped-up, hyper intellectuals are doing at home' he shared that the Met is streaming HD Opera nightly and the NY Public Library has some 300,000 ebooks available.

The NY Times also has a good selection of 'comfort books'.

A bit of care for all of our mental and emotional well-being will help keep us strong.

Enjoy & stay well.

The Capacity Team

March 18, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The team at Capacity wants to provide our employees and partners updates on how we are handling the situation and give you insights moving forward.

Our goal is to continue to provide our partners with business continuity, while keeping our employees as safe as possible.

All of our fulfillment centers in the US are open and operating. We continue to monitor and follow guidance from the CDC, the WHO, and the US Department of State. We are also receiving information from our local government agencies including the NJ Department of Health and the CA Department of Health, where our warehouses are located.

Capacity's UK partner ILG UK has issued the following direction to clients:
Covid-19, Advice for ILG clients

We will continue to update you regularly, especially in the event of an incident or governmental action which impacts operations.

If you are a Capacity partner and have additional questions please email us at

Relevant links:
NJ Governor Murphy Announces Aggressive Social Distancing Measures
CA Governor Newsom Declares State of Emergency
CDC Coronavirus Updates

March 17, 2020

This update details the steps that Capacity is taking in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Major retailers have closed their doors or ceased taking orders for non-essential items. Our primary objective throughout the disruption thus far has been to utilize our unique campus set up in New Jersey to maintain operations in individual facilities, even if other buildings were to be impacted by COVID-19.

We have undertaken the following steps to maintain the health of our teams and our ongoing operations:

  • Team members will work in a single facility only.
  • In the event of an infection in one building, we will immediately sanitize the impacted facility.
  • We will then staff the impacted facility with unexposed team members and quarantine those exposed for 2 weeks.
  • Only regular team members assigned to an individual building will be allowed at our New Jersey campus or our California warehouse.
  • Extensive sanitizing and expanded facility hygiene protocols are in place.
  • Office and administrative staff will be working remotely wherever possible.
  • Employees with a role requiring on-site access have split into two teams. These teams will rotate in 2-week shifts, working for 2 weeks remotely, then 2 weeks on site.
  • Non-essential travel has been canceled.

We will continue to update you regularly, especially in the event of an incident or governmental action which impacts operations. We are doing everything possible to minimize disruption and keep orders moving.

We will continue to respond to all urgent inquiries and requests; please be selective in your communication and please be patient to allow our teams to respond to this extraordinary challenge. We will respond to every inquiry and we are here for you and will continue to update you regularly.

If you are a Capacity partner and have additional questions please email us at