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Tarte Cosmetics Case Study

Growing with the brand

  • Tarte Cosmetics case study - products and storage cases
    Tarte Cosmetics case study - products and storage cases


Tarte will always have a special place in our hearts and minds at Capacity. We knew Maureen and her team way back when, and will always be grateful we did. Since then we’ve able to keep up with Tarte’s incredible trajectory. In our Tarte Cosmetics case study, the brand came to Capacity eager to find a partner who better fit its size – it had been a smaller brand in a big facility, and was not getting the attention it needed.

The Challenges

Tarte posed a unique challenge. Its B2B volume was steady, with a spike in Q3, but its ecommerce spikes were extreme. Even in the earlier days, volumes would crest at over 10,000 orders per day, or at least tenfold normal volumes. The team would power through the volume but we were not satisfied with a brute force solution: we knew there had to be a better way.


Led by CEO Jeff Kaiden and Director of Engineering, Ed Shapiro Capacity crafted a series of nested solutions which allowed for a dramatic increase in throughput. Many of recent innovations, like pick-to-light and put-wall solutions were originally crafted for Tarte.

And then…

In 2020 we found that the 30 millionth package that we shipped out was a Tarte product. It seemed like the perfect alignment and a happy coincidence that one of our early clients hold this celebratory position.

“We were toddlers when we went to Capacity, now we play with the grown-ups.

Maureen Kelly, Tarte Founder

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