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Stadium Goods started in October 2015 as a niche reseller of sneakers and streetwear in lower Manhattan. The company occupied some modest space near Canal Street, but was clearly on the bleeding edge in this growing niche. When the founders saw online sales driving 90% of that growth in early 2017, they started the search for a third-party order fulfillment partner. Capacity was fortunate enough to be experienced in three key areas of interest for the Stadium Goods case study: scalable eCommerce fulfillment, engineered solutions for very specific applications and international shipping.

The Challenges

The scalable part was a no-brainer: Stadium Goods was and is growing like gangbusters, and Capacity was willing and able to offer a purpose-built solution with room for growth. Capacity crafted a pre-packaged solution for Stadium Goods’ unique SKUs and repurposed pallet rack by installing decked steel mesh racking to accommodate tens of thousands of pairs of shoes. We created international shipping solutions to reach all of Stadium Goods’ customers around the world and expanded in line with its hockey stick growth pattern.

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Stadium Goods rolled out a mobile app in late 2017, and in a short time has multiplied volumes many times over. In 2018 Farfetch, the global fashion marketplace, acquired Stadium Goods, and Capacity has expanded our services to grow with the new entity. We opened a Chicago location in addition to existing operations in California and New Jersey, and are ready when more are needed. Many providers might balk at partnering with such a rising rocket, but for Capacity it is another opportunity to demonstrate how fulfillment is delivered.

“Capacity has been an amazing partner for us as we have aggressively scaled our business. They have been both reliable in the day to day and flexible to support our growth and vision.

Jed Stiller, Co-Founder, Co-CEO Stadium Goods

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