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oVertone Case Study

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    oVertone Fulfillment Case Study Banner


When we met Liora and Maegan the co-founders of oVertone, we knew we had to work with them. It wasn’t just the moonlight blue in Liora’s locks, or the ‘I’m the boss’ sunburst of Maegan’s look, they clearly had the makings of a very successful brand.

The Challenges

Dating back to oVertone’s launch in 2014, the duo had a vision of what haircare brands sorely needed: a carefully built relationship with their customers and a great product with closely controlled manufacturing. All they seemed to be missing was a flexible and scalable fulfillment partner to take that last piece off their hands. After months of engagement, in 2018 we forged a partnership and it has been a joy to grow with the brand. With a commitment to continuous improvement, we have implemented ongoing enhancements to packaging, presentation and automation, all while keeping the shine in the eyes of oVertone’s customers.

oVertone Case Study - products and packaging


Similar to oVertone’s ability to vibrantly shake up the haircare sector, we were able to provide and continuously improve upon a strong scaffold for the brand’s rapid growth throughout our years together. And we still cannot get enough of those colors.

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