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Korres Natural Products Case Study

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    Korres Beauty Fulfillment Case Study


Korres Natural Products had worked with Capacity LLC for 17 years, growing from a very small niche player into a national brand. Today, its products are known around the world. When Johnson & Johnson (J&J) acquired the manufacturing and licensing rights to the brand, it needed a third-party warehousing and logistics partner that knew the existing business and could also support the growth it was expecting to drive. J&J also needed a logistics provider that could comply with its strict Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and other requirements.

The Challenges

Capacity quickly rose to the challenges presented by J&J. We enhanced our existing warehousing and fulfillment capabilities to meet J&J’s complex requirements. We took the logistics burden off of J&J, enabling its management to focus on sales and marketing. As the company radically ramped up the Korres business and began shipping for the Home Shopping Network, the company required a multi-tiered integration to its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This necessitated an extensive expansion of Capacity’s assembly efforts and the implementation of all of J&J’s compliance requirements.

Korres Case Study - Natural Products


Every area of Capacity’s business has been subjected to Johnson & Johnson’s strict requirements for external manufacturers and partners, mandating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the complete range of our operational and support activities. Capacity has increased the number of in-house engineers, enhanced business continuity planning, and radically expanded its offerings in numerous ways. We have met the challenge of our client’s expansion and continue to work closely with them to enhance the Korres brand.

Over many years of partnership Capacity has been a dynamic and responsive partner for Korres’ growth worldwide.”

Angeliki Gerardou, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Korres S.A.

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