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Boxy Charm Case Study

Onboarding Odyssey

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    Boxy Charm boxes


Many prospective partners approach Capacity looking for supply chain quotes, or fulfillment pricing. We don’t think of what we do as a simple menu of activity-based costs: we take time to understand a business and offer a comprehensive, dynamic, and critically, a scalable solution. By the time our analysis is done it is our goal to understand our brand partners’ business as well or if possible better than we do. But even we get surprised sometimes. A recently forged partnership involved onboarding the complex eCommerce offerings of a major subscription box platform. Everything seemed fine in our Boxy Charm case study, then there was this inflatable swan…

The Challenges

First, we needed to implement a major new partner in 60 days, very tight for a retailer for whom we would be shipping hundreds of thousands of orders per month. Then we discovered they needed us to ‘ingest’ over a hundred thousand orders at a shot – not an existing IT capability. We were able to craft a custom integration which included the ability to manage such large data sets.

Boxy Charm Case Study - boxes and products


Led by CEO Jeff Kaiden and Senior Director of Engineering, Ed Shapiro, Capacity crafted a series of nested solutions which allowed for a dramatic increase in throughput. Many recent innovations, including modifications to our pick-to-light and put-wall solutions for Boxy were crafted specifically for their larger orders and form factor items.

And then the swan…We thought we’d be working largely with beauty products. Who knew that could include small refrigerators and inflatable swans? No matter, we crafted an inbound inspection process and worked with our Inventory Control and Quality Assurance teams to customize a process that could handle a wide range of value-added services on the inbound products. And when the sixty-day mark hit, we launched.

“Capacity reacted quickly and with sustained attention to the growing needs and challenges of our meteoric growth. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to continued growth and success together.”

Boxy Charm Inc.

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