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eCommerce is growing like crazy

So we need to grow our Team

growth on
ecommerce channels

Each year a larger and larger percentage of product sales is transacted via ecommerce channels.

expanding with Mitsui & Co globally

We are working with our strategic partner Mitsui & Co. to expand our services not only in the USA, but in countries around the world. We hope to open a personal care fulfillment hub in India soon. Hair care, skin care, beauty and nutraceuticals are specialties of ours, and these markets are booming in India.

expertise in
scalable ecommerce

We are experts at getting product to stores in the traditional manner, but we are super-experts at scalable eCommerce execution and we are growing and growing and growing. Accordingly, we need to increase the strength and breadth of our client-facing team and our technology offering. Come join us!