January 25, 2016

Up and down the East Coast last week, businesses were busy preparing for the arrival of winter storm Jonas. Readying shovels and plows, we all watched the weather forecasts closely and prepared to do some digging.

It’s a familiar feeling here at Capacity. Around the same time last year, we had to handle Octavia, followed by the ominously-named (and eventually underwhelming) Thor.

Over the years, we’ve learned to listen less to the flamboyant names and more to one simple mantra that sees us through: Capacity keeps working, even when the weather doesn’t! Continue reading Capacity Works When the Weather Doesn’t

February 4, 2014

We’d like to think that every day has an element of Capacity to the rescue, but this one more than most!

Our dedicated team made a rush trip to Newark airport in the midst of yesterday’s snow storm. The storm buried us in New Jersey (and we’re preparing for more tomorrow).

VP Logistics Tony Ruiz and Facilities Manager Adam Wise went that extra mile…or 20. Continue reading Capacity to the Rescue

February 3, 2014
Capacity's Adam helps a semi dig out this afternoon.
Capacity’s Adam helps a semi dig out this afternoon.

Capacity HQ in North Brunswick, New Jersey was right in the middle of it as the Northeast was battered by another snow storm today. Despite the weather, deliveries and pickups continued to and from our facilities. In one of the shots below Adam helps a semi dig out. As we dig out we’re gearing up for the possibility of some more snow on Wednesday. Bring it! We’re ready. Although a trip to our Los Angeles facility may be in order.



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