October 23, 2015

Shipping represents one of the most significant expenses for any business that relies on prompt delivery to customers. Whether you manage a small start-up or a well-known name brand, your delivery promise is key to customer satisfaction, so reducing shipping costs without cutting service levels can be something of a Catch-22 situation.

Fortunately, there are a number of areas to save some money on your shipping, simply because you’re probably spending more than you have to there already. Streamlining in these areas has the potential to yield the kind of cost savings that have a positive impact on your bottom line, while still shielding your customers from any negative impact.

All of this assumes you know where to look, of course, which is where we come in. Continue reading 7 Steps You Can Take to Reduce Shipping Costs

March 27, 2015

After answering a number of questions in typically expert fashion over on Quora, we thought it high time to give Capacity’s co-founder and CSO Thom Campbell a topic he can really get his teeth into.

That’s why we’re hosting a webinar on the ‘Five Fundamentals of Outstanding Order Fulfillment.’ on Thursday 16th April. You can register directly here.

5 Fulfillment Fundamentals Webinar Poster

WHERE: Online, via GoToWebinar

DATEThursday April 16th, 2015 – 1pm EST / Noon CT / 10am PST

SPEAKER: Thom Campbell, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Capacity LLC

REGISTRATION: http://bit.ly/5ffwebinar


Exploring the Fundamentals of Order Fulfillment

For any business that relies on getting a physical product into the hands of customers, establishing a reliable, cost effective process for filling and delivering those orders is essential. 

To better understand the foundation of outstanding order fulfillment, we distilled some of the core concepts of our industry into five fundamental elements. Thom will explore each of these in greater depth during the webinar, with an opportunity to ask industry-specific questions at the end.

The ultimate goal is to learn how to develop these qualities in your own business to develop loyal customers who keep coming back, because they trust and rely upon your brand. At the heart of this discussion will be the following five talking points:

  • Where order fulfillment intersects with brand identity, and how it leads to customer satisfaction.
  • How to forge a partnership with quality providers who can help scale as your business does, and reduce costs.
  • How you can use technology and value-added services to improve service levels and enhance customer experience.
  • Where unseen costs often arise, and how to anticipate and control them.
  • How to clarify the cost structures of transportation and fulfillment providers.


We hope this will be a valuable opportunity for attendees to connect with an expert who has a deep understanding of the industry, and to gain a clearer idea of the pivotal role that order fulfillment plays in building brand reputation and improving customer retention.

Register today for the 5 Fundamentals of Outstanding Order Fulfillment webinar

If you have any questions about the event or how it will help your business, please contact us or call (732) 745-7770 and select option 3.

Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you to the webinar next month!