November 11, 2015

‘Tis the season to shop, as you’ll have noticed if you’ve stopped into any big box store in the last week or so.

The digital world is gearing up for holiday ecommerce as well, with Black Friday flyers leaking out online and retailers shouting “free shipping!” from the rooftops.

So far, so standard. But what is changing is the way consumers perceive this annual shopping extravaganza. Continue reading Cyber Season: Holiday Ecommerce Blurs Shopping Boundaries

September 15, 2015

The next generation of shoppers will expect more omnichannel fulfillment options, according to a research conducted by German consumer behavior experts GfK.

The firm finds that so-called “leading-edge” consumers are driving the future of shopping, with their requests indicating a strong desire for retailers to provide extensive online purchase options, in addition to traditional in-store solutions. Experts increasingly believe that a failure to meet these omnichannel expectations could be the kiss of death for any retail business, regardless of size, scale, or brand recognition.

Why do they believe this when a majority of customers still flock to stores? Continue reading Study Shows Consumers Want More Omnichannel Fulfillment Options