October 29, 2015

We’ve focused a lot on improvement this month, from ways to develop a kaizen-inspired mindset in your organization, to areas where you can cut waste and reduce shipping costs.

But even if you follow every piece of advice on the subject, how will you know if your business is getting better, or find out what’s really going on where the action happens in your organization?

Hiking back to Japan for inspiration, here’s the simple answer: get your boots on and “go to Genba.” Continue reading The Epicenter of Improvement: Getcha Genba Boots On!

October 2, 2015

In our personal and professional lives, a commitment to improvement is often the hallmark of success.

Beyond only immediate fixes for business challenges, though, the drive to be better can flow throughout a company, provided it is encouraged and allowed to flourish.

5S Improvement Method
This is a truth at the core of Kaizen and its 5S methodology, which we’ll also explore here. Continue reading 8 Ways to Ensure Continuous Improvement in Your Organization