October 26, 2017

Many in retail are rightly preoccupied with the most disruptive force in their business: Amazon. More specifically, they want to better understand the costs of selling on Amazon.

From our perspective, Amazon is another retailer we need to know how to ship to, and potentially learn from as they are in the business of fulfillment. But that is not how many clients view this increasingly powerful force in the retail world, and the world in general. Continue reading The Costs of Selling on Amazon via FBA

August 6, 2017

If you spend any time on Quora, you’ll know that Capacity CSO Thom Campbell is a frequent contributor on a variety of subjects, including order fulfillment. Thom recently weighed in on the many challenges of drop shipping and the costs of fulfillment, so we thought it valuable to gather his thoughts on the subject into one place… here!

There are various pieces to the puzzle, which we’ve broken down into the sections below. If you prefer to read Thom’s answers in the original context, you can also view all of his responses on Quora here. Continue reading How to Handle the Many Challenges of Drop Shipping

May 18, 2016

The Great Recession is well behind us, but keeping costs in check remains a focus for business owners and managers in many sectors.

With increasing competition from online sources and international rivals, not to mention the rise of a more demanding generation of consumers, retailers of all sizes are finding that cost management is more crucial than ever.

Although it’s clear that costs must be kept in check, separating unnecessary expenses from unavoidable ones is more tricky. Understanding fluctuating costs in the modern supply chain helps managers to see the forest for the trees, finding areas. Continue reading Stand Up to Cost Challenges in Today’s Supply Chain