Dropping Things Off The Roof – Egg Nog

Eggnog is today's experiment in dropping things off of the roof. As the count down to the holidays continues we see what happens when you drop cartons of egg nog off of a 35 foot... Read More

Capacity LLC – Dropping Stuff Off The Roof #2

In Capacity LLC's continuing pursuit of packaging excellence, we drop more stuff off of the roof. This time we drop off glass bottles and scented candles (in bottles). Take a look at how it all... Read More

Jeff Kaiden on Assembly Services and Packing

Our services section features all you need to know about the range of fulfillment tasks we can take on, but sometimes it's better to go behind the curtain and see what's happening on the shop... Read More

Santa’s Real Workshop

Christmas postcard, 1911 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Santa has commissioned Capacity LLC to help with the holidays... We've been hard at work for weeks making sure that our clients' products make it to retailers' shelves for the holidays.... Read More

Dropping Stuff Off The Roof #1

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) At Capacity, our pursuit of packaging perfection knows no bounds. When we first moved into our New Jersey location in 1999 we dropped grocery items off of the roof to experiment with packaging... Read More