March 10, 2014
English: Natirar Park and Mansion, Somerset Co...
Natirar Park and Mansion, Somerset County, New Jersey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Capacity spent last Friday in the presence of Virgin CEO Richard Branson. Sort of. We took a day to gather 30 members of the staff for a retreat at the Branson owned 90 acre Natirar culinary center in bucolic Peapack, New Jersey. Driving up a long, twisting driveway (by long, it’s about a mile), dodging deer, we arrived at the former carriage house turned restaurant and culinary center.


We nibbled on mini pizzas that we made (sort of) and sat down to a few inspirational and aspirational remarks from CEO Jeff Kaiden. Then, it was on to the main course…. We split into groups to prepare a gourmet repast that included roast pork loin, with a delicious mango salsa, lemon and pesto chicken and  other treats.

More photos of our retreat are here.

The Capacity staff getting down to business
The Capacity staff getting down to business















An afternoon away from the office accomplished several things. The Capacity staff was able to talk and interact away from the pressures of the office (always a good thing) and the splitting up of the staff into different cooking teams enabled people from different departments to get to know each other a little bit better. 

It was a great afternoon, a terrific team building exercise. And the food was great. A great end (we hope) to a deep New Jersey winter.

Enjoying the fruits of our labors!
Enjoying the fruits of our labors!


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February 16, 2014

Capacity LLC’s co-founders Jeff Kaiden (CEO), Arlen Fish (CFO) and Thom Campbell (Chief Strategy Officer) recently got together to talk about how Capacity is uniquely positioned to work with clients and customers of all sizes. Continue reading Capacity LLC – We Know Logistics

December 4, 2013

Please join us at Capacity LLC as we host a special holiday edition of Dropping Stuff Off The Roof.

Today we drop glass Christmas tree ornaments off of the roof of our North Brunswick, NJ warehouse. We show what happens when the ornaments are packed correctly and when they’re not.

November 22, 2013

Our services section features all you need to know about the range of fulfillment tasks we can take on, but sometimes it’s better to go behind the curtain and see what’s happening on the shop floor.

(Go to Genba, as some like to see it!) 

We pulled the camera out from time to time so that you can do just that, and today’s example features Capacity ‘s co-founder and CEO, Jeff Kaiden, leading a tour of the company’s assembly and packing process. Continue reading Jeff Kaiden on Assembly Services and Packing

November 21, 2013


Christmas postcard, 1911
Christmas postcard, 1911 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Santa has commissioned Capacity LLC to help with the Holidays. We’ve been hard at work for weeks making sure that our clients’ products make it to retailers’ shelves for the Holidays. There are lots of moving pieces as we pick and pack, wrap and pull out all the stops. Just don’t tell the kids. We’re not at the North Pole. We’re in New Jersey.


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