Dropping Stuff Off The Roof #1

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) At Capacity, our pursuit of packaging perfection knows no bounds. When we first moved into our New Jersey location in 1999 we dropped grocery items off of the roof to experiment with packaging... Read More

Capacity LLC's Pick and Pack for the 21st Century

Dateline: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This summer found us in the land of cheese, brats and beer. Capacity was there to acquire order processing technology to help cost-effectively process large pick-and-pack distributions.  Capacity ships weekly replenishment orders to... Read More

Capacity LLC – All Hands on Deck

When a massive project comes in, it's all hands on deck at Capacity. That was the case this month, as you can see from the video below. Never wanting to let a client down, we... Read More

Put-To-Light in Milwaukee

This post appeared originally in our October newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe, and we hope you will, please drop a line to info@capacityllc.com Dateline: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This summer found us in the land of cheese,... Read More

Warehouse Management Embraces Mobile Tech

Warehouse management is set to see significant benefits in the near future thanks to advances in mobile technology. As strong advocates for improving order management through the application of new technologies, Capacity LLC has embraced developing... Read More

Silly String Is Shipped Off To Iraq

DEPTFORD TOWNSHIP, N.J., Oct. 15 (AP) - Marcelle Shriver already had the party favors - about 80,000 cans of Silly String. Now, she finally has cause to celebrate. After months of frustration, Ms. Shriver has found... Read More