Draining Discounts: Have Retailers Jumped the Shark?

Black Friday? More like Bleak Friday, as retailers reported an 11% drop in sales revenue on this important post-Thanksgiving celebration of deep discount sales. Cyber Monday, meanwhile, rose only 8% on last year's figures, which also... Read More

Click and Collect Ordering Drives Changes in the Warehouse

Order fulfillment must now happen in a flash (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We've already covered the ways in which technology drives e-commerce changes and promises same-day delivery. Less visible are the challenges that are faced behind the scenes in... Read More

Amazon Hits Sunday Delivery

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Amazon announced this week that it would begin making Sunday deliveries. The rollout begins this weekend in New York and LA. In 2011 it will cover much of the U.S., including Dallas, Houston, New... Read More

Bloomingdales Seeks an End to Wardrobing

You might not have heard the term, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Bloomingdale's has. Furthermore, they've had quite enough of it. "Wardrobing" is the practice of buying an expensive clothing item, wearing... Read More