January 30, 2019
How to approach and manage online sales is becoming a central question for retailers in almost every business sector.

Some, such as cosmetics and lifestyle apparel, are leading the charge for direct selling to consumers, while others rely on eCommerce intermediaries to handle their storefront. Others, such as grocery brands and other consumer packaged goods companies, have yet to fully define their e-commerce strategy.

While every strategy has its pros and cons, there’s a lot to be said for keeping a hands-on approach to online retail and delivering the brand experience that your customers expect. This article explores three compelling reasons to retain control of eCommerce.

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January 7, 2019

As the holidays disappear into the rearview mirror once again and we return to routine for another year, it’s interesting to pause and take stock of performance records during peak season.

It was notable this year, for example, how few headlines there were regarding shipping delays or frustrated customers decrying late deliveries. The question is, did 2018 peak performance finally shake off the disruption and delays that have plagued previous seasons?

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