April 29, 2018

Building a successful retail site that customers are aware of and enjoy using might seem like a substantial objective, but it’s really just the first piece of the online selling puzzle.  The real hurdle comes in scaling that site to increase e-commerce revenue without incurring spiraling inventory costs. 

Although a primary advantage of doing business online is selling directly to your end-consumer, meeting the increased expectations of online shoppers isn’t easy. Many retailers are looking for a way to meet this demand and grow order volume without spending vast amounts of money on inventory holding and fulfillment.

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April 16, 2018

As we’ve written before, Amazon is an increasingly pervasive force in our industry. While there are clear advantages to the reach and prevalence of its platform, not everything Amazon does is in the best interests of its clients or their supply chain partners.

One of our clients forwarded a recent request from Amazon and asked us for our position on the “more frequent shipping” option.  Continue reading Should I Accept Amazon’s More Frequent Shipping Option?