November 30, 2016

Capacity is proud to announce that we have reached a company milestone in mid-November: more than 10 million orders processed. That’s a lot of products that have passed through our dock doors over the past 17 years.

This landmark figure was passed before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday volume spike, making it even more satisfying to start shipping holiday orders this week! Continue reading Capacity Passes the 10 Million Order Mark!

November 22, 2016

As every Mom and Dad knows, Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday that just happens. It takes weeks – maybe months – of preparation, taking in food, football, family, friends, and how to bring all of those elements together for a successful feast.

Much like any successful event, there’s an extensive operation making it happen behind-the-scenes, as these ten stats about the Thanksgiving supply chain demonstrate. Continue reading 10 Tasty Stats About the Thanksgiving Supply Chain

November 14, 2016

The market for warehouse space is looking up. Literally, in fact, as companies seeking storage facilities closer to cities are hoping to get more for their money by building multi-story facilities.

Following a concept that is already popular in Asia and Europe, Prologis announced last week that it would bring its first multi-level warehouse to the U.S. Located near Seattle, the facility will have three floors and a square footage of 580,000.

All that space will be needed, as market forces combine to stretch the supply of commercial real estate and add another fulfillment challenge for brands.
Continue reading Warehouse Operators Look to the Skies for Additional Storage

November 13, 2016

NORTH BRUNSWICK, New Jersey (November 13th 2016) – Capacity LLC, trusted leaders in order fulfillment, e-commerce, and electronic data interchange (EDI), has confirmed they have reached a company milestone in the month of November by surpassing 10 million orders processed.

Operating in a business sector worth over $30 billion in the US alone, Capacity has become a linchpin for diverse brands in a wide range of industries. From health and beauty products to electronics, apparel, and beyond, every order shipped represents an opportunity for the company to help its clients build their brands and grow by making their customers happy.
Since opening its dock doors in 1999, Capacity has grown from a small service provider serving a handful of clients to an internationally trusted fulfillment partner, processing orders for globally-renowned brands. Passing the 10 million order mark is a significant achievement for the company, which serves more than 150 clients from fulfillment campuses in New Jersey and California.


“We owe this milestone to our clients’ success, the hard work of our employees, and the shared vision of our leadership team,” says Thom Campbell, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Capacity. “From the early days of all hands on deck, filling last-minute orders and spending nights on the office floor, we’ve experienced a lot over those 10 million orders! Our clients know that we’re the last to touch their products before they head out the door. Our team’s experience and passion is why they put their brands in our hands.”
Capacity processes thousands of orders every day and continues to add exciting new brand names to its client base. At the current rate of expansion, the Capacity team is already looking forward to its next major milestone.

About Capacity LLC:
Since 1999, Capacity LLC has been offering expert order fulfillment services, warehousing, value-added services, assembly services, and technology solutions to businesses globally. Capacity LLC provides a bicoastal fulfillment solution, from four facilities in North Brunswick, NJ, and a fifth in City of Industry, CA. These strategic locations on both coasts allow for reduced transit times, cost-effective shipping, and more flexible transportation solutions. All five facilities are close to the major ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach and Newark/New York.

Capacity LLC employs cGMP methods, operates FDA registered facilities, and is NJ & CA State Board of Health approved food grade. Capacity LLC provides domestic and international distribution to companies of all sizes, from startups to household name brands who ship around the world.
Rich Reba, Marketing Director
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November 5, 2016

As we enter the final few months of the year, it’s almost peak season for retailers and the domestic supply chain gears up accordingly.

If you’re impacted by our industry, there’s every chance that we’ve reached your busiest time of year as well. Time is short and shipments are about to start flying out of the door (we hope!), leaving little time to read and digest the latest industry analysis.

That’s what we’re here for, with our monthly round-up of all the recent news and views. Continue reading Order Fulfillment Review: October 2016