August 30, 2016

We’re expanding again…

Yes, we understand that with the company name “Capacity” we have a responsibility to upgrade on a regular basis, but we’re particularly proud of our new space in New Jersey!

Known simply as “C5” around our NJ Fulfillment Campus,  the new facility opens up an extra 100,000 square feet of space for our clients, present and future. Continue reading New Fulfillment Space Adds Another 100,000 Square Feet for Capacity Clients

August 17, 2016

If you can’t beat them, buy them. It’s a concept familiar to many in the tech sector and it seems to be catching on in retail, if Walmart’s $3.3 billion Jet acquisition is anything to go by.

For anyone unfamiliar with, it’s the online retail platform founded by Marc Lore, who previously sold to none other than Amazon. Launched to the public little more than a year ago, Jet quickly racked up a reputation for deep discounts and rewards for consumers who bought in bulk. By leveraging extensive VC funding and the e-commerce expertise of its founder, the site was able to accelerate to a valuation of more than $1 billion in twelve months. Continue reading Walmart’s Jet Acquisition Will Spur on Amazon’s Fulfillment Plans

August 9, 2016

We’re more than halfway through the summer and you can be excused for sleeping on some of the supply chain headlines last month. The sunshine season has a similar effect on all of us!

Thankfully, our team of fulfillment-focused analysts stay up to date with the industry’s news and views so that you don’t have to. As usual, here’s our monthly round-up of all the issues and information that caught our eye during July. Continue reading Order Fulfillment in Review: July 2016

August 4, 2016

After we recently looked at the efforts of big box retailers to whip their suppliers into shape and streamline inventory flow, it’s natural that we return to cover the topic of chargebacks.

The term is used to describe the infamous financial penalties that are levied across many different business types, which are especially prominent in the supply chain. Continue reading Unpacking: Supply Chain Chargebacks