June 30, 2016

We’ve spent a lot of this month looking at the importance of location in fulfillment.

From alternative ways to leverage location in a digital world to the physical reality of bringing ever-larger vessels through the Panama Canal, it’s clear that where we are and the routes we choose to move cargo through have a direct impact on product availability and customer satisfaction.

Another aspect that cannot be overlooked, but which none of us can fully control, is the ability of the port operators to get goods off ships and onto domestic transport routes. Continue reading US Ports Prioritize Efficiency and Infrastructure to Keep Pace

June 24, 2016

It seemed like the day might never arrive, but after multiple delays and several billion dollars in budget overrun, the expanded Panama Canal will finally open this weekend. 

On Sunday, a Chinese container vessel will navigate its way through the expanded locks, in what shippers around the world hope will be the first of many successful passages by today’s larger commercial ships. It’s been a long time coming for shipping lines especially, many of whom have invested heavily in the 14,000 TEU capacity vessels that the expanded waterway is designed for.

However, even this delayed arrival has come too soon for some. Most notably for ourselves – and everyone else bringing in cargo via the East Coast – the expansion has caught the Port Authority of NY/NJ on its heels. Continue reading Panama Canal Expansion Puts a Squeeze on New Jersey’s Infrastructure

June 17, 2016

The official start of the summer isn’t here until Monday, but we decided to take a note from our fulfillment team and get going a little early!

We gathered with some business peers, clients, and colleagues this week in New York City, to take in the visual delights of the Whitney Museum of American Art on a private tour. To take advantage of the beautiful weather, we followed it up with light bites and beverages at the Standard Biergarten, which is then ideally located for a sunset stroll along the Highline.

Capacity Summer Event 2016

Below we present a quick summary of the evening, which was as entertaining as it was enlightening. Continue reading Capacity Starts the Summer with Art & Evening Drinks

June 11, 2016

There are some sensations that only a retail store can replicate. Yes, we love e-commerce, but there’s something about the hands-on feel of a storefront that allows a brand to flow into a physical space.

Our client Bluemercury understands this sensation and channeled its value to score some exuberant press last week. The popular beauty brand opened its newest location in New York City, down in one of the most attractive neighborhoods for aspirational brands, TriBeCa.

Suffice it to say, it wasn’t long before the headlines and social media praise started rolling in! Continue reading Bluemercury Finds the Beauty in Brick and Mortar Retail

June 8, 2016

Change is inevitable, not optional. Once we accept that, it simply becomes a matter of how we handle successive shifts in the business sectors we serve.

That being said, it’s time for retailers to acknowledge a significant shift in consumer demographics.

As consumers, millennials are taking over from Baby Boomers. In terms of income levels, purchasing habits, and plain old population ratio, those born after 1980 are coming of age and are now the most important market segment for most companies to reach.  Continue reading Leverage Location: Fulfillment Gets Brands Closer to Customers