April 23, 2015

Earlier this month we held a webinar to explore the fundamental elements of order fulfillment. Capacity’s co-founder and CSO Thom Campbell identified five key areas to focus on if you truly want to develop a fulfillment process that keeps customers coming back to your business time and time again.

For the rest of the month, we’ll be unpacking each of these elements in more detail. Today we look at how making service defines your fulfillment process and, eventually, your reputation with customers. You can read the rest of the entries in this compelling series under the tag Fulfillment Fundamentals. Continue reading Fulfillment Fundamentals: Making Service

April 17, 2015

Yesterday we launched the first in a series of planned webinars, exploring order fulfillment and the wider logistics industry. The goal is to help attendees better understand

Although there’s no substitute to the live event and having the opportunity to ask questions of the expert directly, if you missed the webinar we still think you’ll get a lot of value from the content. Continue reading Review the Five Fundamentals of Order Fulfillment

April 7, 2015

Is it really April already? Yes, the seasons have changed and one third of the year has already rushed by, leaving . If you haven’t already planned an annual review of your operations, spring is a great time to do so.

Even as we’re busy preparing a must-attend webinar for all of you who want to keep customers coming back for your outstanding order fulfillment, we’ve still compiled the most important logistics industry stories from the past month, in case you missed them.

Seeing as time flies by so fast, we’ll dive right in and get you all caught up on the latest from the world of logistics:

  • The economy continues to expand, and U.S. road freight is seeing the benefit of that with a steady increase in tonnage, but driver shortages remain a considerable issue for the industry. As the recovery continues it will be important for trucking companies to address the issue, to ensure that they can compete with other modes of transport as demand increases.
  • Even with the west coast port labor dispute resolved in late February, the fallout became clearer during March as trade deficit figures demonstrated just how much U.S. imports dropped. The deficit dropped to a five year low, reiterating how quickly port disruptions can impact normal supply chain operations and why a bicoastal fulfillment set up can help mitigate those risks.
  • Drone sunset
    Image Credit: Greg Younger

    Delivery drones continued to be attractive headline fodder for the tech press, with major brands including Amazon and Google showing their lack of patience with the Federal Aviation Authority’s slow progress in regulating the technology. Amazon has previously shown great interest in rolling out delivery drones to U.S. customers, while Google has taken its tests to Australia, where authorities have moved more quickly to craft laws around the new technology.

  • Sticking with Amazon, the company expanded its Prime Now delivery option to more cities during March. The one-hour delivery service is now available in Dallas, Baltimore, and Miami, in addition to parts of New York City, leading industry analysts to speculate just how far the trend can expand before it becomes unprofitable. We’ll take a closer look at the subject later this month, so stay tuned to these pages or sign up here to receive updates to your inbox.
  • We’re hosting a webinar! Okay, that probably didn’t make industry-wide news, but we hope it has the power to change how you view your order fulfillment. Learn more here.


That’s another month wrapped up. Stay on top of what you can in the logistics industry during April, but also know that if you can’t, we’ll be here in early May to catch you up!