November 26, 2014

Warm wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all of those we work for and with!

Thanksgiving Dinner
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We’re thankful for our extraordinary clients year round, of course, but nonetheless this is the perfect time to deliver our gratitude for the businesses that place their products – and trust – in our hands. Capacity LLC is extremely lucky to work in an industry that allows us to become so close to, and passionate about the operations with whom we work.

As well as those we’ve known for many years, we give thanks for great new clients and urge you to check out some of those we’ve added recently:

We should also thank the sales professionals who pay close attention to our clients, forming a crucial connection between their business and the fulfillment processes that run through our operation.

If you spend time on Linkedin you’ll find them there, ready to connect and discuss how our fulfillment solutions could benefit your business:

There’s plenty of time to take in the seasonal shopping (which is set to break records this year) so enjoy the rest of the week relaxing with family and friends!

November 20, 2014

Updated: December 17th, 2015
We all know by now that, for many brands, the packaging is as important as the product. A visually appealing package speaks to both the content and quality of the product inside.

More often than not it’s the appearance that product managers focus on to stand out from the crowd. That’s a competitive criteria where it can be tough to stand out though (trust us, we have a hand in creating a lot of great packages each and every day!)

If that’s true of your product category, it might be time to  add “tactility” to the list of qualities that your higher-end product packaging should exhibit. Continue reading Can’t Stand Out? Pump Up Your Product Packaging!

November 13, 2014

Our business brings us into contact with some outstanding organizations and individuals. As our Chief Strategy Officer Thom Campbell explained in an interview earlier this year, it’s the passion for people in the supply chain world that really drives our efforts.

With that in mind, and the occasion of Thanksgiving fast approaching in the United States, we thought it would be worth taking the time to focus on some partners and vendors that we believe represent the best of our profession. This is our “Vendor Spotlight” series, and this week we’ll focus on our New Jersey neighbors Micara Trading.

Micara Trading Logo



Vendor Spotlight: Micara Trading

The relationship we have with Micara Trading and owner David Weisfelner goes back quite some time, and with the company’s 30+ years in the industry that won’t come as much of a surprise.

Sewing machine close upMicara operates in the logistics and distribution field with a strong focus on garment work and special services. These specialties include sewing, steaming, dry-cleaning, price ticketing and odor removal, with many other valuable refurbishing options if a client bringing in a shipment finds that something has gone awry in transit.

Given the potential for damage to garments and the high rejection rates caused by even minor blemishes, expert care is required at both ends of the shipment process, from sourcing to delivery. Decades of experience make for great confidence in the latter part of the supply chain, even in cases where the earlier elements don’t live up to expectations.

In short, what David Weisfelner and his team don’t know about the apparel industry probably isn’t worth knowing, and it’s their clients who benefit from it!  

When you need a quick turnaround and flawless delivery, this is the kind of back up that product planners want to have on their side. As you review the company’s website you’ll notice the same refrain crop up time and again, “problem solving,” “resolving,” “solutions,” and plenty more synonyms to describe the same core value: Micara Trading is an organization that cares about your business challenges and has a passion to help you hurdle them.

One of the reasons our two companies have connected so often over the years is down not only to geographical proximity but also having values that are extremely close to one another. Both companies have been built on a passion to understand our clients and serve them better with each subsequent shipment. We’re both high-touch, hands on service providers with a commitment to solving problems and seeing the job through.

Micara has committed to this superior level of service for three decades and provides a role model for us to keep striving that bit higher with each new piece of work we undertake.

Learn more about Micara Trading LLC’s services and story here on their website.

November 10, 2014

Rushing headlong into the new month – not to mention the busy holiday season! – it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. If you’re in the business, we have your birds-eye view of the last month of news in and around the logistics industry.

Container yard at sunset

Here are some of the headlines that you may have missed last month:

  • Triple play success for U.S. railroads, as stats continue to show increases across the board, for the week, month, and year-to-date. October typified this trend, with rail freight loads up 4.4% on October 2013 and the average weekly carload rate of 301,583 marking only the third time U.S. tracks have broken the 300K level in the past six years.
  • The transportation and warehousing sector added 13,300 new positions in October, following the wider economic climate in slow but steady job growth as the U.S. unemployment nudged down to 5.8%.
  • New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to divert JFK’s airfreight to an upstate airfield has experts cringing. Despite the potential of Stewart International as an effective distribution hub, industry analysts say the combination passenger and freight aircraft that serve JFK mean the initiative is unworkable. The change could affect as many as 600 air freight forwarding companies who currently conduct operations through Kennedy.


Let us know if there’s anything important that you’d like to include in this monthly breakdown. We’re always ready to add more information!

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November 7, 2014

Earlier this week we talked about the preparations of major delivery companies ahead of what could be a record-breaking seasonal surge in shipping. Today we turn to another seasonal inevitability, the raising of the rates.

UPS and Fed-Ex have both confirmed that their charges will go up just before the New Year dawns. An average rate rise of 4.9% is the magic number this time around, and it joins the dimensional weight adjustment that we discussed earlier this year as an important factor to price into shipping costs for 2015.


Given the additional consideration of dimension-based pricing, as a shipper of smaller packages you may find that your cost increases actually run into a double-digit percentage rise.

Costs can accelerate quickly if your business scales in a short period, so make sure you know what’s coming ahead of time and get your calculations in place for your full range of products. Combination packs may prove particularly variable and your decisions as to the contents of things like monthly gift boxes may be affected by the changes coming into effect. Even if things don’t change too much, it’s worth going through the exercise to get a current handle on your shipping & handling.

We’ll take a closer look at how these changes affect e-commerce merchants before the year is out, but to get a head start it’s worth checking out the advice of your regular delivery provider. UPS has advice here, while Fed Ex offers the same here.