Capacity LLC Case Study #4: Origin BioMed

When Capacity LLC first met Origin BioMed, it was a young manufacturer of an Over-the-Counter (OTC) neuropathic topical treatment. Origin had met with success in Canada, its home market, and was looking toward the US... Read More

How Will 3D Printing Impact the Supply Chain?

3D printing holds a lot of promise and is heavily backed by investors, but only really came to wider media attention this year. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, pioneering companies like Makerbot and 3D... Read More

How to Review Your Supply Chain Data Solutions

Logistics professionals rely heavily on supply chain data, both in real-time and after the fact reporting. Supply chain data solutions can be tough to manage, however, particularly as the trend towards 'Big Data' impacts our... Read More

Case Study #3: Korres Compliance Challenge J&J

Korres Natural Products had worked with Capacity LLC for almost a decade, growing from a very small niche player into a national brand. Today, its products are known around the world. When the company was... Read More

Case Study #2: AP Deauville

Challenge: When men’s care product manufacturer and marketer AP Deauville purchased the license to manufacture the top value deodorant PowerStick™ the company wanted to keep the manufacturing in-house at its New Brunswick, NJ facility. It also... Read More