Case Study #1: Skin and Haircare – Weleda

With today's post, we start an occasional series of case studies focusing on the industries and companies with which we've been especially active. In each case like this one with Weleda, we've been given a... Read More

Are the Skies Open for Commercial Drones?

Drones have become a topic in any conversation about the future of retail and e-commerce. Sure there are all of those pesky practical considerations about drones hitting people, houses, electric wires, etc. But the biggest... Read More

8 Ways to Eliminate Waste from Your Supply Chain

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One-Click Retail in the Cloud

One-click retail is a dream come true for consumers. You click and the next thing you know, it's on your doorstep. The process is considerably more complex for vendors, requiring behind the scenes logistics magic.... Read More

Video: Capacity at Natirar

The Capacity LLC team met at Richard Branson's Natirar culinary center earlier this month to engage in some team building, cooking and eating. Did we mention the eating part? ... Read More

Click and Collect Ordering Drives Changes in the Warehouse

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Capacity Meets Richard Branson (sort of)

  Capacity spent last Friday in the presence of Virgin CEO Richard Branson. Sort of. We took a day to gather 30 members of the staff for a retreat at the Branson owned 90 acre Natirar... Read More